The GenMed Show visits the American College of Emergency Physicians ( sponsored Podcast Studio at EMS World Expo 2011. In this episode hosts Natalie Quebodeaux and Random Ward welcome NAEMT’s Jules Scadden on the show to talk about what this organization does for emergency medical providers here in the U.S.

NAEMT is the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. This national organization represents us all for policies and information with the Federal as well as State and local governments. Natalie, aka “Ms Paramedic” and Random chat with Jules about why it important to be members of this organization and to take an active part in the activities both locally and nationally.

This episode of the GenMed Show was sponsored by the NAEMT and the ProMed network thanks them for their support. Special thanks to for making this video podcast possible!


Join hosts Meris and Natalie live in Baltimore from the EMS Today conference 2011. They are joined by the prestigious panel: Scott Kier, Sam Bradley, and Justin Schorr to discuss how to deal with personal loss, PTSD, handling loss while maintaining your career, and various related topics. Also, stick around for Post and Pre Show chatter and B-Roll live from EMS Today.

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In part II of the FTO series, Natalie and guest host Scott Kier discuss what it takes to be the best FTO possible while out in the field and how to best utilize your time as an educator with your student.

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Definition; A Field Training Officer (FTO) is an experienced or senior member of an organization who is responsible for the training and evaluation of a junior or probationary level member.

Natalie & Scott Kier tackle the topic of what it takes to become an FTO, when and what you need to do to get yourself ready to begin (officially) sharing the knowledge bestowed to you by others through your training & work experience.

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Thanks to our friends at the ProMed network, and everybody who was involved planning & producing the ProMed podcast booth, we’ve got video from Episode 10 to share with you all! Enjoy!


… well, it looks like EMS Expo was the time. The Happy Medic has been threatening to take over GenMed for MONTHS now, and he’s finally defeated our ninjas, outsmarted our scientists, and made it past all of our defenses, to take over the show.

He joins guests Scott Kier (Two episodes in a row!) and superstar director (and paramedic) Ted Setla. These two can be found on twitter at @medicsbk and @setla, respectively.

Show topic? Expanding the role of EMS. The times are changing, and EMS needs to lead the curve, not respond to it. Listen on to get more great discussion about this!


Natalie Quebodeaux & Jeremiah Bush broadcast live from the EMS Expo 2010 show floor, with guests Scott Kier (@medicsbk) and new Paramedic April Saling!

The show topic is Preceptors (Scott & Natalie) and Preceptees (Jeremiah & April). Discussions about the whole thing from start to finish from both sides of the coin, and all aspects of the experience.

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Hey guys! Big announcements from GenMed this morning!

#1) Nat & Jer’s service got a new ambulance to trial! Decked to the nines with modern patient care equipment, diagnostic monitors, and data sync. Seeing as they’re a rural service, this will let the doctors in hospital get a much better idea of how their patient is doing on the way in.

#2) Scott has a plane ticket! Can you guess where?

#3) It’s gonna be a GenMed weekend! Podcast being recorded live on saturday! (Have you figgured it out yet?)

Listen to the podcast to have all of your questions answered!


Professional Limbo. We all get there at some point. Between semesters/courses. Waiting to get hired after school. Transitioning from one job or position or city to another.

This week we tackle the kind of mindset and positive living choices you need to keep yourself in good physical, psychological, and professional help.

Expect a follow-up article with more of it broken down in writing, as well as an interview with none other than Jon Kellett of , who has some VERY motivational messages and suggestions on the topic.

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Natalie and Jeremiah welcome special guest Sam Bradley to the show, and talk about their experience in San Francisco at the FIRESTORM Movie premiere.

FIRESTORM follows The Los Angeles City Fire Department undereducated population. The LAFD handles all emergency medical services for the city of Los Angeles, and currently 82% of the department’s work is medical, rather than fire-related. Eleven hospitals have closed in just five years in LA, and the challenge of delivering more than 500 patients per day to a shrinking number of hospitals is overwhelming to the LAFD. With resources strained, and 911 being used for everything from heart attacks to stomach aches, LAFD paramedics have become virtual “doctors in a box”.

Jeremiah has Worked in Los Angeels since 2006, and Sam for the first half of her career. They bring a local prospective to the discussion, contrasted by Natalie, and her experience in Louisiana.

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