Hey guys! Big announcements from GenMed this morning!

#1) Nat & Jer’s service got a new ambulance to trial! Decked to the nines with modern patient care equipment, diagnostic monitors, and data sync. Seeing as they’re a rural service, this will let the doctors in hospital get a much better idea of how their patient is doing on the way in.

#2) Scott has a plane ticket! Can you guess where?

#3) It’s gonna be a GenMed weekend! Podcast being recorded live on saturday! (Have you figgured it out yet?)

Listen to the podcast to have all of your questions answered!

  • ben

    blinking fiberoptic Y, gullwing doors, and a brushed aluminum paintjob?

    I suspect that as long as you can get that baby up to say…88 MPH, the golden hour will no longer be a serious issue.

  • http://www.quebecmedic.com paramedic0750

    great hope you injoy your ride along and go with the technologie

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  • http://emsofficehours.com Jim H

    2 Things

    Any pics of the new ambo?

    Is there a cup holder?