… well, it looks like EMS Expo was the time. The Happy Medic has been threatening to take over GenMed for MONTHS now, and he’s finally defeated our ninjas, outsmarted our scientists, and made it past all of our defenses, to take over the show.

He joins guests Scott Kier (Two episodes in a row!) and superstar director (and paramedic) Ted Setla. These two can be found on twitter at @medicsbk and @setla, respectively.

Show topic? Expanding the role of EMS. The times are changing, and EMS needs to lead the curve, not respond to it. Listen on to get more great discussion about this!


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    TLC is not just the learning channel it is also a protocol Tender Loving Care and a protocol is a way not to forget the way you give it is what your patient will remember , and like Justin said somewhere else : i m here to make your bad day better